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The AK-800 is a stylish multimedia speaker with sleek, karaoke features and Bluetooth wireless music.

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In terms of looks, the SoundMax AK-800 is robust with a black exterior kit that houses a 500mm enclosure. SoundMax AK-800 has a sleek, seamless feel thanks to its protective film, SD card slot, USB-A port has been moved to the top of the speaker.

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 Hidden behind the protective fabric cover on the front are two straight alignment drivers, in which the midrange has a diameter of 6.5 inches, and the smaller one is smaller with a diameter of 1 inch. The new generation speakers are also guaranteed to perform well in the 20Hz to 20KHz range and naturally support karaoke.

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SoundMax AK-800 is basically an active speaker speaker, so users can connect speakers directly to DVD players, computers without considering the amplifier as the other passive speakers. Besides the 3.5mm audio input option, the AK-800 Soundmax also supports RCA input. The entire communication port, the processing circuit is concentrated on a speaker cabinet (main speaker), the remaining cabinet connects to the main speaker via a simple but strong push terminal plug.

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The AK-800 is also extremely easy to install. The vent is located at the rear of the enclosure, so the user during the installation should leave a gap between the loudspeaker and the wall so as not to affect the pressure balance of the enclosures that affect the quality. sounds that are specific bass notes. The SoundMax AK-800 also has the ability to record and play back unfinished audio tracks and has 6 preset equalizer presets, which allow users to select a suitable setting for their favorite music genres.

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Sound, the SoundMax AK-800 has a total power of 100W, enough to "blow" the entertainment space of 40m2, with the quality of pitch, compact, compact, powerful and down quite deep, high and high tone is also very in and out.

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SoundMax AK-800 has a reference price of 2.120.000 VNĐ. Compared to other multimedia speakers on the market, the SoundMax AK-800 is still considered a good choice for users looking for a decent sound quality that fits their investment costs, It has good karaoke capabilities and also wireless entertainment by combining Bluetooth sources as needed.

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