SoundMax B-70 - Sound of Your Life.


SoundMax B-70 has just hit the market to rock the multimedia speaker market at the end of the year. The SoundMax B-70 is a 100W (RMS) 5.1-channel loudspeaker that caters to home entertainment needs with movies, music and games. Products using DTS sound technology and Dolby Digital 5.1 promises to blow your entertainment space with the most realistic and vivid sound. Enjoy the sound of detail from the noise of the crowd to the footsteps behind your back, you can really hear and feel everything in the film world.

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Không có văn bản thay thế tự động nào.
SoundMax's next-generation 5.1-channel speakers also come with a sub- and five-speaker design. In terms of looks, the SoundMax B-70 also features a modern, yet attractive design that is suitable for most home entertainment environments. Because it is a standard 5.1 product, SoundMax B-70 automatically supports multiple analog audio inputs for compatible devices. The SoundMax B-70 is also equipped with the ability to emulate 5.1 audio from 2.1, although users still connect the speakers to conventional 2.1 channel sources. Easier to understand than just a stereo input, users can still enjoy music on the full 5 speakers.

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Satellite speakers

Like the recently launched multimedia speakers, the SoundMax B-70 also supports playback from popular sources such as Bluetooth, SD memory cards, and USB. Notably, the SoundMax B-70 has an integrated Optical and Coaxial input, which promises to deliver a more immersive audio experience. SoundMax also integrates a number of function buttons right on the subwoofer that allows users to tune directly to the speaker. This subwoofer is also equipped with a large LCD displaying information such as the selected source, volume level indicator and EQ preset modes.

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Không có văn bản thay thế tự động nào.


The SoundMax B-70 is sleek but hard-wired thanks to its multi-angle design and specially designed metal-mesh speaker protection. In general, the subwoofer and subwoofer of the SoundMax B-70 gives a sense of harmony in design.

SoundMax also includes full 5.1 channel accessories, including optical cables, enough cables for 5.1 connectivity and remote control.

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The included accessories

With the SoundMax B-70, although the product possesses a series of audio input terminals, but even if you are new to them, you can easily connect the speakers to sources that are not too difficult thanks to the accompanying Vietnamese documentation. . Overall, with the sound input port that the SoundMax B-70 supports, home users can be confident with the compatibility of these 5.1 channel speakers.

The product has a reference price of 2.868.000 VNĐ.

Specifications of the product you can see details here:


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