Processing sound in listening room


Handling a listening room maybe simple is to hang a piece of cloth on the wall, move carpets or prepare furniture again, and so on. It may also take more complex measure is to install professional audio equipments.

Put bookcase in the listening room is also a way to restrict atmospherics.

A problem often and also is the most serious in the listening room is parallel walls do not be handled. Two smooth walls opposite each other may cause the sound is echoed several times although the sound is played directly from the loudspeaker stopped. This phenomenon is the same as when you are standing in an empty room without carpets hanging on the wall and after that, you clap your hand, you have a sense of sound being saved in space in a long time after stopped clapping. The echo phenomenon causes wrong feelings about the sound, causing them to be distortion with an original sound.
This phenomenon is very easy to overcome. Just to set-up sound-proof or sound-spread on one of the two surfaces. That maybe a thick fabric curtain, velvet curtain or sound-proof sheet made from wood, bamboo, and thorn.

One can not avoid is that families like audio playing without a space, they often have to set-up speakers near the walls and ceiling, so the heard sound is not only performed directly from the speaker but also to be reflected from the wall, floor and ceiling. Reflect sound is not as accurate as sound is played directly from the front of speaker. Furthermore, when direct sound and reflect sound associated with each other, we will get a new sound mixed from the two sources of those sounds. Reflect sound is broadcast to the ear is often slower than direct sound, causing the phenomena of out of the phase, which makes the sound being deformed. It is the reflect sounds from the two sides of the wall is one of the reasons for explanation why with the same speakers but placed in different rooms, the sound is very different.
The above phenomena of reflect not only affects the balance of sound but also loses the accuracy of the sound image. But according to experiences of those who have experience in playing sound, if you want maintain the right reflect level, you should increase an expansion of the stage. However, if exceed, it will inspire a clear feeling about the space between the speakers, remove boundaries between sound and image, making the stage and sound is lack of focus and precision.

Sound is also reflected from the floor and ceiling. Reflect sound from the floor impacts less than from the ceiling because the distance between speakers to the floor is shorter than between speakers to the ceiling, so broadcasting sound is also shorter and the wrong phase also reduces more. If the ceiling is slightly sloping, placing speakers at sloping side will benefit more. Generally, the sloping angle of the ceiling will instruct reflect sound from the ceiling to out of the listener’ ears. However, to handle reflect sound from the ceiling is quite simple: just place a sound-proof or sound-spread on two side walls, especially the space between speaker and listener. For handling reflect sound from the floor, it is easier so much: placing a carpet on the floor will absorb most echo sounds. Each carpet has a different impact on sound. According to experience of many foreigners playing sound, wool carpets will make sound balance and be more natural than carpets made from synthetic fibers, due to the fiber in the wool carpet have different length and thickness, so appealing different frequencies. Conversely, synthetic carpets are from the textile fibers which have shape and size same as each other, so only absorbing narrow range frequencies.

Bass sound is thick and strong is a difficult problem that the cause is often due to the unreasonable on resonance in the room, location and quality of speaker, or the weak absorption of bass in the room. Even sitting position is also related to thickness and strength of the bass. Normally, we can overcome by simple way is to move the speaker, but if it still not be improved we should install bass sound-proof plates. They will absorb low frequencies and change them into a heat transferring to fabric materials which are inside these plates. You should also do more columns "elephant foot" placing at corner in room to remove sound wave at low frequency. In the case of bass is echoed too much, you can make Hemholtz resonant boxes which are the most effective.

All objects can reflect sound that standing near the speaker can make sound image to be deformed and lack of depth. Few people know that the television with glass screen which reflects sound significantly placed between two speakers is the key reason causing the bad sound a lot. Therefore, you should move this television as well as other deterrents (ampli capacity, sub speaker ...) away from speaker as far as possible.

(According to Audio-Visual)


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