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Installation Instructions connect with SoundMax 5.1 to 5.1 Soundcard


SoundMax 5.1 speakers is being studied and developed for use in DVD Dolby Digital 5.1 audio , AC3 , DTS . The sound is emitted on channel 6 ( channel 6 ) separate : Front Left , Front Right , Rear Left , Rear Right , Front Center and Subwoofer so for a realistic sound , every musical detail , morphing effects of the film on each channel separately and is compatible with all types Soundcard 5.1 on the market today including those left Soundcard Soundcard or onboard .
“Clean” the whole system to find the primitive sound quality


Clean system is not only simply a new external device but also the most important is cleaning audio signal link. The vision devices, head of cable, loudspeaker bond, and lead are important parts to be interested and cleaned properly. After a period of using the system, you feel sound quality tends to go down, sometimes a glare. Maybe you will wonder if you bought bad things or not. In fact, you bought good ones but simply because the process of oxygen and place in the first vision of connecting devices has corrupted the primitive sound quality of the system.
Hi-end connector


Those who are few interested in the hi-end world will certainly not be able to believe that there are connecting cords from ampli to speaker have a price to tens of thousand USD, and the pieces of rubber machinery basing with small size as a beer bottle cork but they are equivalent of more times.
Processing sound in listening room


Handling a listening room maybe simple is to hang a piece of cloth on the wall, move carpets or prepare furniture again, and so on. It may also take more complex measure is to install professional audio equipments.
For speaker “songs” better


For the loudspeaker plays exactly sound after just buying, you must let speaker run slowly in a time and connect cables accurately. If the sound is still not good, you can open a plank covering and increase the mid and treble volume.
Interconnect and Speaker Cable - Part 1


Interconnect and speaker cable (referred as cable) is important components in the hi-fi or home theater system. Selecting the appropriate type of cable will help sound be better and help you exploit all capacities of the system.
Interconnect and Speaker Cable - Part 2


Some designers believe that structure of wire is the most important factor in design, even more important than material of core.
Interaction between loudspeaker and listening room


Many scientific calculations can indicate the position where is a best for placing loudspeaker in room based on the principle and calculation via three-dimensional space. However, it is difficult for players to arrange position of loudspeaker at most reasonable place in normal condition.
Layout home theater systems


Placement of the right sound system in a home theater (family theater) is the secret to help you feel like that you are actually participating in events when watching movies. Today, audio-visual system has from two loudspeakers to more. A home theater usually involves multiple loudspeakers to create a surround sound. It was from renewable sources such as DVD. The surround sound of DVD has multichannel, each channel controls a loudspeaker and it is completely independent of each other.

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